Consultants, not sales people.

Brovind’s experience is customer service right from that first sales contact.

Design advice aimed at solving concrete problems in a practical and effective manner, not to sell pre-assembled machinery. Our sales technician is a professional specialised in the vibrating feeders, able to offer technical advice that takes into account the customer’s needs, available budget, and especially the real needs of each system right from the get-go.

Brovind, after Brovind.

After-sales assistance and remote diagnostics

Brovind guarantees an efficient and prompt after-sales service on all its vibratory feeding and sorting systems.

We provide immediate remote maintenance to solve problems remotely and, if needed, we intervene directly on-site thanks to a team of specialised technicians. The Brovind systems equipped with our most advanced controllers are supplied with systems whose data can be shared and analysed by our specialists in real time.

Feasibility study

Give us a try.

Starting off on the right foot is the first step for a winning strategy. For the most difficult and problematic challenges, Brovind is willing to do a feasibility test during the quotation phase. These tests are performed in synergy with the customer thus managing to define the best technical solution to fully meet the customer’s needs.

Project management

We follow you step by step.

Regardless of the size - big or little, each project is assigned to one of our PMs, a specialised technician who will follow each phase, from design to delivery. Brovind is a consultant, designer and manufacturer: it simplifies and coordinates all activities as a single point of contact, ensuring flexibility based on the evolution of the project and needs.

3D Design

Let your ideas take shape!

Thanks to a technical office composed of specialised designers, Brovind designs all its systems in 3D.  Each component is created according to the drawing, making it possible to have a precise interface with the machine. Right from the quotation phase we offer 3D layouts of the proposed solution, allowing the customer to view and show others a detailed drawing of the project.

Internal acceptance test

Certain “inside” of what will happen “outside”

Our acceptance test is not a simple test, it is performed following precise parameters, which simulate feeder operation in detail in real use conditions. This makes it possible to prevent any problems during the installation phase of feeding systems on the machine. Each system is acceptance tested at Brovind in the presence of the customer, if this is not possible it is done remotely.