Vibratory specialists

Since 1986 Brovind has been designing and manufacturing advanced vibratory feeding and sorting systems, fit for every industrial type need, for any type of automatic line or production capacity.

We learned to build cutting edge solutions because we have never stopped innovating, dedicating our best ideas to the sector of vibratory feeders, orientation and command and control, developing solutions and proprietary software which have contributed to the growth of the sector thanks to the use of the most modern mechanical, electronic and robotic design technologies. Thus, our know-how has expanded around the industrial vibration world, where we work at 360°, designing and manufacturing complete, customised solutions.


Manufacturers of technologies

Right from when it was founded, Brovind has worked to internalise the production process of its vibratory feed systems. This is how we guarantee technological reliability and unparalleled standardisation of mechanical-electronic components.

Brovind is one of a handful of companies in the world able to internally design and create every component and vertically control each manufacturing phase of its systems.

Our production units handle everything: from designing based on 3D CAD, structural metalwork, mechanics, electro pneumatic, software and electronics for which we have developed proprietary controllers for command, online communications and remote diagnostics of our vibrating systems.

We are manufacturers, not assemblers, to be able to respond as quickly as possible to market requests and customisation of solutions.

What are we able to do?

  • Technical consultancy starting from the sales phase
  • 3D designing and modelling
  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Internal manufacture of solutions and components
  • Total customisation of vibratory feeding systems
  • Creation of all auxiliary technologies
  • Acceptance testing and internal control
  • After-sales assistance
  • Remote diagnostics

Complete, turnkey solutions

The specialist expertise that Brovind has developed in the industrial vibrator field has made it possible for the company to apply its know-how to the whole sector, handling all of the vibration feeding aspects.

Few companies are able to develop complete solutions for turnkey, automatic assembly lines. We design and manufacture selection systems for bulk parts, elevators, hoppers, brush units, interlocking and sorting systems for picking by vision systems and robot manipulations.


A vibrating innovation

Vibration has been a field of “empirical” mechanical application for too long. It relied on the ability of a single operator, often with an extremely artisan aptitude.

Brovind has constantly invested in professionalisation of its technicians and promoting research, in close contact with the industrial automation sector. A productive and cultural effort that at present can be seen in the foundation of an autonomous R&D department, a full-fledged “creative district” which, next to the Cortemilia production site, is involved in the development and testing of new solutions, research on innovative materials and creation of proprietary patents.


Customisation and spare parts

Thanks to in-house control of its entire production cycle, Brovind is able to customise every solution according to the customer’s real needs and assembly technical requirements.

From simple vibrating drive units to automatic lines with various feeding systems, we study every system in detail, offering unique, dedicated and tailor-made solutions, ready to solve the most complicated processes in any industrial sector. The capacity for in-house manufacturing of our systems allows us to have an efficient spare parts system: we keep every drawing created and can reproduce damaged parts or the entire project if needed.


Command and control

Brovind is among the leading companies in the world for the production of electronic devices dedicated to command and control of vibratory feeding and sorting systems.

A technological evolution aimed at industry 4.0 that enables our vibratory systems to communicate with each other and with the company’s central system. Thanks to Brovind controllers, equipped with proprietary software, the vibrating systems can be controlled and driven remotely, monitored in real time, thanks to data logs, fine tuned to prevent feed micro shutdowns, faults or results below expected performance.

Discover our range of of electronic devices dedicated to command and control