Brovind’s thirty years of experience in the vibratory feeders industry has resulted in OMNIA, a flexible feeding system which eliminates changeover times.

Omnia is flexible feeding system patented by Brovind which is able to process components of all forms and shapes received by bulk and prepare them for picking. Thanks to a series of possible movements on three interpolable axes, Omnia positions the part so that the vision system can recognise it and thus allow the robot to pick it in the desired position.

is precise, versatile and can be integrated with the most diffused vision and handling systems on the market. More than 30 recipes can be programmed from the control interface allowing a fast changeover of parts, without any mechanical retooling.
Components with complex geometries and parts that are particularly diffi cult to orient can be fed through a single solution.


Flexibility in handling components and integration

Omnia is a highly versatile system, able to handle a vast range of components with quite different shapes, dimensions, and materials. It makes possible a simple and immediate change of production, without the need for retooling, and is compatible with the main loading, vision and handling products and systems manufactured by Brovind or by other leading manufacturers.


Three dimensional interpolable and programmable handling

Thanks to its independent and programmable drives, Omnia has the capacity to change the frequency and amplitude of it jolting movements on three axes. Thus, it is possible to easily create with extreme precision the most suitable movement to orient the parts.


Intuitive and versatile programming

The electronic controller that controls Omnia’s drive is a Brovind proprietary technology that makes movement programming easier. Thanks to an easy-to-use interface it is possible to enter dozens of different recipes and call them from Plc or Pc, including remotely.


Fast changeover of parts, withour retooling

Omnia drastically reduces changeover times without the need for mechanical retooling or technical modifi cations of the feeding system. The feed cycle is continuous, it proceeds until picking by the robot, without downtime due to jammed parts.

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Load hopper

Feeds the jolter with bulk parts.


Produces jolting of the components to orient them for handling.

Vision system

Sends the oriented part coordinates to the robot.

Robotic arm

It communicates with the vision system and picks up the components in the right orientation.


The Omnia control driver can be equipped with fi eld buses, and supplied with the most common protocols: Profi net, Ethernet IP and Ethercat.


Created in-house by Brovind. Programming can be implemented via web page and displayed on any browser. The intuitive graphics allows fast and effective settings, with the possibility of storing more than 30 work recipes.


Omnia’s tank is equipped with a high intensity Led backlight that can be synchronised with the vision system in strobe mode. It is available with white, red, blue, green or infrared light.

Work surface

Interchangeable and customisable based on the components to feed.

Rapid emptying

Useful for automatic change of batch of products.

Quick release

Allows a fast replacement of the working surface.


Always ready for complex forms

The extreme flexibility of OMNIA makes it ideal for any type of parts in many fields of application. Omnia is particularly indicated for use with parts with complex geometries, fragile or delicate parts that require greater attention when handling.








Brovind makes its knowhow available in the field of vibratory feeders for providing customers with a complete solution

Along with the Omnia jolter, Brovind is able to supply the best feeding, vision and robotic handling technologies. Our aim is to guarantee a “turnkey” solution that can be immediately operative and improve the efficiency of automatic feeding based on real needs and production goals.