Brovind manufactures vibrating conveying systems for packaging and conveying/dosing channels for bulk product for weighing and packing machines

Through the use of modular vibrating channels and accurate electronically controlled mechanical design, we are able to build vibrating conveyor lines of the desired length on various tracks in order to obtain a perfect interface with the packing machine or the sandwiching machine.

For bulk products our systems interface with various weighing systems, permitting variable management of the capacity so as to obtain a product flow that is always finer, thus a more precise metering or weighing.

All Brovind solutions dedicated to the food sector use materials and technologies designed not to alter the organoleptic components of the handled products and an accurate ergonomic design in order to avoid pathways that could cause them to break or become contaminated.

The design of the systems themselves is fundamental, where parts need to be reached easily for a perfect disinfection.


All Brovind systems for the electro-mechanical sector can be equipped with a vast series of optionals and advanced command and control electronic systems.