The automotive sector requires extreme precision, a very high level of automation, high quality standards, safety and, above all, extremely versatile vibratory feeding and sorting systems, for use with assembly systems that are very complex and with a high production capacity.

Brovind meets the needs of the sector by supplying complete, turnkey orientation systems, equipped with the best mechanical and electronic technologies, customised according to the standards specifications requested by the customer. Not just vibrating feeders, but all auxiliary technologies for bulk part selection, separation and tending with robot manipulators. We are able to create shooting systems for automatic assembly lines and interface devices that facilitate the insertion and orientation of a specific component, ready for picking.

All Brovind systems for automotive are designed to work in synergy with automatic assembly lines and are equipped with PLC able to interface with company software. Our feeding and orientation systems can be equipped with optical selectors for sorting, measurement and discharge of non-conforming or defective materials


All Brovind systems for the electro-mechanical sector can be equipped with a vast series of optionals and advanced command and control electronic systems.